'Stalin's Daughter'

"It’s often grotesque, always engrossing; and in Ed Viney’s pin-sharp production, Kirsty Cox is mesmeric...Lane’s writing has a hurtling power and Cox harnesses its force to gripping, visceral effect" - Sam Marlowe, The Times

"Kirsty Cox gives a magnificent performance as the defector, troubled and haunted by a past, which gnaws away at her equilibrium" - Graham Wyles, StageTalk Magazine

"Cox wonderfully executes David Lane’s script with expert confluence...Cox’s utterly convincing and dynamic performance" - Scott Hammond, The Fix Magazine

"Kirsty Cox gave a riveting and focused performance as this difficult and complex woman" - Michael Clark, Evening Post

"Performer Kirsty Cox was amazing in the one-woman show" - Katy Griffin, Salisbury Journal

'Angela Carter's The Magic Toyshop'

"Cox was able to get across the emotions of mute Aunt Margaret without making it cartoonish and you understood absolutely every thought she wished to expressed (impressive for a character with so few lines)" - Buzz Magazine

"Cox easily gains audience sympathy as she suffers in silent sadness" - Othneil Smith, British Theatre Guide

"I must make particular mention of the actress Kirsty Cox, who plays the largely non-verbal role of Aunt Margaret with spell binding genius. The power of her stage presence is held almost entirely by the look of sheer terror etched upon her face" - Sarah Dosomah, Female Arts

"Kirsty Cox tugs on the heartstrings as the downtrodden Aunt Margaret, using subtle gestures to portray a mute with conviction" - Karen Price, WalesOnline

'The Blue Bird'

"Kirsty Cox...switch(es) characters in a blink with utter conviction" - Petra Schofield, remotegoat

"Kirsty Cox's long suffering mother, crossed with the Spirit of Light was a welcoming all-pervasive presence" - Victoria Barry, Guide2Bath

"However in the second act, it is most certainly Oliver Langdon and Kirsty Cox who steal the show with their hilarious portrayal of the mischievous Duke and Duchess of Luxury" - Grace Fox, The Famished Fox


"Kirsty Cox gives Jon's mother, Sophie, a competent & attractive persona that conceals her eruptive power, comparable with that sweet little creature in 'Jurassic Park' that suddenly spits lethal venom in faces of the unwary; a splendid performance from Ms Cox." - Arthur Duncan, remotegoat

"Kirsty Cox and Alex Dunbar pack a punch as the warring exes. Planting them firmly in the middle of their current nightmare, you see the pain etched on their faces and perversely completely buy their past and the love they once shared." - Shane Morgan,

'Away with the Fairies'

"another fine performance, all misplaced solicitousness and pent-up frustration, from Kirsty Cox" - Steve Wright, Venue 

"Kirsty Cox in particular is excellent as the put upon daughter as she has to deal with the two strong willed older women." - Simon Harvey-Williams,


"The restrained playing of the luckless Miss Matty by Kirsty Cox perfectly suits the character." - Kevin Berry, The Stage

'Twelfth Night'

"the talented Kirsty Cox who as Viola and Maria was seldom off the stage, effervescent, energetic and full of fun." - Donald Hollins, Gloucestershire Echo

'Ray Collins Dies On Stage'

"Kirsty Cox, multi-tasking as Ray's mother, lover and assorted acquaintances, is a chameleon" - Sophia Lomax, Bristol Evening Post

'Abigail's Party'

"Kirsty Cox's clever characterisation ensured that Angela's anecdotes, asides and mannerisms never competed with her hostesses." - Emma Silverthorne, Sidmouth Herald 

'The House on the Cliff'

"For me, the highlight was an outstanding portrayal of the severe, stern, capable and loyal housekeeper, Jenny, played by Kirsty Cox - probably the best in all the times I have seen this play in the last 30 years." - Roger Simmonds, Sidmouth Herald

'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'

"I loved Kirsty Cox as Mrs Van Ripper; gossipy to a fault she's scared of her own shadow yet longs for stories of troublesome pixies running amok in the brewery." 

- Gill Fisher, Colourful Radio

"Special mention must also go to Kirsty Cox, who multi-roled seamlessly between four parts" - Annie Price, Inter:Mission